Casa Montana Lake Estate with 7 large separate titled lots included

Casa Montana Lake Estate with 7 large separate titled lots included

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Casa Montana 

Located on a gated private road high above the lake with spectacular views of lake Arenal, mountains on opposite side of the lake and volcano Arenal.  House sits on 4.3 acres of well maintained lush grounds , with an oversized “infinity swimming poll. Forrest in the back provides complete buffer against strong prevailing winds. House is located about about 6 miles west of town of Nuevo Arenal, between Rio Piedras and Agucate.

With a complete privacy in the middle of well maintained grounds, you take in the ever changing views and nature, with countless kinds of birds including toucans, humming birds, and also monkeys and sloths.

The house is a high quality spacious Spanish hacienda style with several balconies, offering views in all directions. Besides kitchen, dining room and living room with wood burning fireplace, it has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, separate laundry room, large garage and separate workshop, which could be converted into another room. Master bedroom and living room have air conditioning for the few rare hot days. For security, there are ornamental window bars on all windows, roll down shutters on sliding doors and electronic alarm system. All spaces, even garage are tiled. There is a dual water system; excellent drinkable “Aguacate” water indoors use and utility water from the mountains for outside use and swimming pool. Electric lines are oversized copper underground lines with surge protection for the whole house.

Available for sale.

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