Lake Arenal in Costa Rica


Gorgeous Lake Arenal area

Slightly smaller than West Virginia, Costa Rica is a friendly, safe, stable democracy in Central America. Costa Rica boasts an environmentally friendly high standard of living, world class health care and a warm  happy population. Costa Rica is home to one of five “Blue Zones” in the world. “Blue Zones” are areas where the populations live to be older, more active and happier than the rest of the world. Costa Ricans, Ticos, are truly the most valuable of the country’s assets. They are a happy, welcoming, industrious people.

Costa Rica is also known for its beauty and bio-diversity. 25 % of Costa Rica is protected in parks and preserves. This tiny country is home to more species of birds than the US and Canada combined. Beautiful beaches and National parks draw millions of tourists from all over the world each year.

This exotic, wonderful country is easy to access from the US. San Jose and Liberia airports are 2 to 3 hours from major airports in the Southern US.

Away from the heat of the beaches, Costa Rica’s Central Highlands stretch from Tilaran in the northwest to Turrialba Volcano in the southeast. Here in the mountainous Central Highlands, most of Costa Rica’s volcanoes are to be found. Sheer beauty aside, one of the Central Highlands greatest assets is its weather. The average temperature is a spring like 74 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

In the northwestern part of the Highlands we find Lago Arenal . Lake Arenal is the largest lake in Costa Rica covering some 85 sq km. The lake is a natural lake that has been enlarged with a dam. No constant buzz of jet skis on our lake. Except for the occasional fisherman or kayak, you can go for days without seeing a boat on the lake.

Lake Arenal is a peaceful rural place where savvy expats can join a friendly community of other expats and welcoming Ticos. Nuevo Arenal, situated at the lake’s central point, is a center of activity for Ticos and Expats alike. Quaint inns and restaurants are tucked away here in the hills surrounding the lake. It is not uncommon to see a horse and rider on the main street or a drove of cattle being driven down the highway.