These are some of the many reasons why you should considering moving to Costa Rica:

1. Flora & Fauna.

Costa Rica has gorgeous flowers and animals, such as big iguanas, sloths, monkeys and deer! Compared to other Central American countries we’ve lived in, Costa Rica has the most abundance of wildlife from a variety of  birds, howler and cappuccino monkeys and much much more. Wildlife is a BIG PLUS!

2. Cleanliness.

Very clean! No need to fear the local rivers or waters because the Ticos have pride in their country and their surroundings! Can you believe the tap water is drinkable! I promise.

3. Conscientiousness.

The people take care of their homes and business, there is a lot of national pride. They finish and paint their homes (a big deal, especially compared to other countries in CA). Also there is a law against stray dogs (a big deal compared to all the strays wandering and pooping and fighting in Guatemala when we lived there ). Costa Rica also has a lot of forest preserves and nature parks where trees are jungle are protected, and it’s against the law to chop down trees (a big deal compared to Guatemala where everyone goes into the forest to chop wood to cook dinner ).

4. Conveniences.

I don’t know the current numbers, but in 2007 there was over a million expects living in Costa Rica. All these expats has helped to develop the country’s infrastructure so that you can now find reliable power and internet (that doesn’t go out very often). Every convenience you need for long term travel, from iPhone 3G phone plans to all the snacks and foods you miss from home. Costa Rica is a good place to find balance between the “local” experience and the necessities from home.

5. Topography & Geography.

BEACHES! Amazing diversity from beaches on both coasts to high mountain ranges through the center of Costa Rica. You can mountain bike and hike in the cool altitudes and then hit the sunny hot beaches for a swim and surf. Rainforests, cloud forests, protected jungles with world class river rafting, turtle reserves and so much more within this tiny country.

6. La Pura Vida.

The Pura Vida or ‘Pure Life’, that’s what Costa Rica is all about. It’s also a country without an army, can you believe that? Costa Ricans are so peaceful and loving. Pura Vida is a way of a relaxed, easy-going living. There’s a good vibe and it’s a good place to come with your family!

7. Democracy, peace and the happiest people in the whole word !!!

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